Why do I need to send customers receipts? Is an invoice good enough?

Yes, you should almost always be sending customers receipts! It’s an important part of the sales and bookkeeping process for both you and your customers. Here’s why:

1. Proof of purchase: A receipt serves as a record of the transaction and can serve as proof of purchase for the customer. This can be particularly important if the customer needs to return or exchange an item, or if there is a dispute about the transaction.

2. Tracking expenses: Customers may need to keep track of their purchases for personal or business purposes. A receipt can help them track their expenses and keep track of what they have purchased.

3. Tax purposes: Customers may need to keep receipts for tax purposes. For example, they may need to provide receipts for business expenses in order to claim a tax deduction.

In general, an invoice is not a substitute for a receipt! An invoice is a bill that is sent to a customer in advance of payment, while a receipt is a document that is issued after payment has been made. Receipts generally provide more detailed information about the transaction, including the items purchased, the total amount paid, and the payment method.

You should always issue receipts to your customers whenever you make a sale to help ensure accurate record-keeping and provide valuable documentation for both you and your customers. Too busy or already have a backlog that needs to be sent? We can help.

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